Are you thinking of buying a property in Spain but you are still not sure which is the best province or region? Do not worry, with this post we are going to give you 7 reasons to buy a property in Cádiz and so your doubts will disappear in an instant.

1. There are a lot of stunning beaches

The province of Cádiz has 285 kilometers of coastline, of which 170 are beaches of all kinds. From those that are wider with white sand and without agglomerations, such as the beach of Bologna in Tarifa, to others with more golden sand and more crowded such as Playa de la Caleta in Cádiz capital.

2. A warm weather

Cádiz has a Mediterranean climate in which the maximum annual temperature is 18.6 degrees. The maximum average temperature in August is 27.9 degrees and the minimum average temperature in January is 9.6 degrees.

Cádiz is one of the sunniest regions in Spain so it becomes the ideal place to buy a property with a pool and enjoy a milder winter rather than other regions of Spain.

This Andalusian province has excellent transport links

The province of Cádiz has 45 municipalities in which 2,251,149 inhabitants live. The main economic activities of the area are tourism and the service sector, so it is easy to imagine the amount of commercial offer that exists both in Cádiz capital and in the other regions of the province. All this together with a wide variety of transport links that facilitate the connection with the rest of the provinces of Andalusia, Spain or Europe.

The international airport of Jerez, the Madrid-Cádiz railway line, the maritime connections with Ceuta Melilla or the Canary Islands and the AP4 E5 motorway to Seville among others. If we have already convinced you that you should buy a property in Cádiz, do not hesitate:

4. Cádiz can be proud about having splendid natural surroundings

If thought Cádiz was a province indicated just for beach fanatics, you are wrong. In addition to it’s impressive beaches this paradise has 6 amazing natural parks.

The Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema which is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve and it has an impressive steep limestone gorge and white villages. The biological, geological and landscape diversity turn this province a wonderful place if you are in love with hiking or bird watching.

5. Foodlovers’ paradise

The cuisine of Cadiz is as rich and varied as it’s culture. Shrimp tortillas, grilled prawns or fried fish are some of the most famous recipes that’s why you can get an idea that Cádiz is a coastal city but although fish and seafood are common foods in Cádiz there is also a traditional orchard with a great quality.

6. This spanish region is full of history and culture

Did you know that Cádiz is the oldest city known in Spain and Western Europe? Initially as a Phoenician settlement, later as a Roman city and even with a Viking visit Cádiz has countless historical and cultural visits to do such as the archaeological sites of Gadir or the Roman ruins of Baeolo Claudia.

6. For all these reasons the quality of life in Cádiz is one of the best in Spain

If you have traveled to Cádiz, you will know that it’s people is friendly and close by nature and you just have to enjoy some Carnivals of Cádiz to feel at home. They live in a privileged paradise and they know it!

Do you want us to give you more reasons to buy property in Cádiz?

We are convinced that with these 7 reasons we have clarified your doubts when choosing the most suitable region for that summer house near the sea that you have been thinking about. If you want to buy a property in Cádiz do not hesitate, we are independent real estate agents with great knowledge in the area of ​​La Janda, CONTACT US